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A Modern Approach


Thought Leadership

Pandit Law embraces a firm-wide culture of collaborating with and listening to its clients' needs. This allows the firm to answer the biggest questions on the minds of its clients, deepening its client relationships and strengthening its understanding of their needs in the process.

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Our firm leverages the most advanced, metrics-based litigation management software, in addition to leveraging a cloud-based CRM and document management infrastructure.

The advantage: consistent results.


We don’t just talk about diversity, we practice it. Our lawyers bring different life experiences and perspectives to their practice, with the common denominator being a commitment to delivering the best possible representation to our clients.

We recruit and retain lawyers from different backgrounds and promote diversity at all levels.

Practice Areas


Pandit Law Opens Office in Houston

Pandit Law is pleased to open a Houston location for the firm. With their passion for helping flood victims, the Pandit law team looks forward to offering much-needed help to affected home and business owners in the Greater Houston area.


Where do we practice?

Louisiana & Texas

We represent clients with first-party property, personal injury, and construction litigation issues in Louisiana and Texas. Although we focus our practice on the Gulf South, we have also represented clients as far north as New York and New Jersey on their Hurricane Sandy flood insurance claims.