John Carter, Civil Trial Attorney, discusses how his 20+ years of experience as a federal trial lawyer contributes to his passion to help individuals' disputes. He is pleased to join Pandit in ensuring the policyholders' flood insurance claim is in the best position to succeed.

Phillip Sanov, Senior Trial Counsel, explains how he has verdicts across the country in fire cases, wind cases, and hail cases... and is here to help you. If the policyholder needs a victory verdict, Phillip Sanov can provide a victory verdict. 

Raj Pandit, Managing Partner, discusses why a policyholder suffering flood damage should hire Pandit Law Firm: experience. Pandit and his legal team feel very strongly about their core competency, which is flood insurance litigation. 


Raj Pandit recollects his law firm's experience in flood insurance litigation, and how his legal team focuses on getting the policyholder the money they deserve as fast as possible. Dating back to Hurricane Katrina, Pandit and his team have helped policyholders all over the United States.