Financial impact of repeat flood areas, numbers surrounding home buyouts

The impact of multiple floods has not just been felt by those going through the floods, but also by the taxpayers in and around the Houston Area. The National Flood Insurance Program has paid out more than 6 billion dollars to homeowners since the 2015 Memorial Day Flood. One such zip code received $444 million in the last three years alone in flood insurance payouts.

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28 million Americans live in flood zones and don't know it, study finds

Houston has learned the hard way time and again that the maps FEMA uses to set flood insurance rates are way out of whack with the reality on the ground.

Now, a scientific study in the journal Environmental Research Letters pinpoints just how much: 41 million Americans live in a 100-year flood zone - three times as many as the Federal Emergency Management Agency estimates. That means a full 28 million are outside the boundaries of the 100-year flood zone on current FEMA maps, but would be in it if FEMA used what the study argues is better data.    

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