FEMA Announces Proof of Loss Extension to December 31, 2017!

FEMA has extended the Proof of Loss deadline, giving flood insured Louisiana homeowners more time to submit their Proof of Loss. The new deadline is December 31, 2017.

Now that the Proof of Loss deadline has been extended, you can still Get Flood Help submitting a supplemental proof of loss claim to get the money you deserve from your flood insurance company. We urge everyone who has not taken action to act now.  

Even if you’ve already received money, your repairs are complete, or you think your claim is closed, it isn’t too late. We represent hundreds of homeowners, and are getting your neighbors more money from flood insurance. Don’t leave potentially tens of thousands of your hard-earned dollars on the table. If you did not receive policy limits, you may have been underpaid. Call us today for a free claim review.

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For your convenience, we have included a link to FEMA’s official announcement granting the extension.


You can also view The Advocate article announcing the extension here.