Letter from Raj Pandit

This morning I created a petition on Facebook asking that the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) issue an extension of at least 90 days for August Louisiana flood victims to file their Proof of Loss (POL) documents. FEMA’s failure to grant an extension could result in tens of thousands of flooded, insured homeowners being denied any additional insurance payments for their August flood damage so that they may restore their lives.

We are petitioning FEMA to extend this deadline because thousands of homeowners either need more time to document their flood damages, and far too many homeowners simply do not understand the punitive nature of the POL deadline.

According to FEMA’s own statistics, damage to the average insured victim’s home in the August-LA flood event was 35% greater than that in Hurricane Sandy. Yet, victims of Hurricane Sandyreceived two full years to submit their Proofs of Loss. This is not right, and is why we are pushing FEMA to grant this extension!

For these and numerous other reasons, Louisiana homeowners need more time to file supplemental Proofs of Loss to address these issues.

Please sign our Petition (and share the following link in your social media networks):

FEMA, Extend the Proof of Loss Deadline for LA Flood Victims