Proof of Loss Deadline Extended to September 1st

The Proof of Loss deadline has been extended to September 1, 2017. With just a few days leading up to the May 12 deadline, FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program received a request for an extension from Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon’s office. If a request for extension had not been received, tens-of-thousands of insured Louisiana homeowners would have been at risk to of being denied future insurance proceeds relating to their August 2016 flood damage.

Attorney Raj Pandit advocated through “boots on the ground” community efforts for insured homeowners to receive an additional 90-day extension. Pandit prompted Commissioner Jim Donelon to request the extension from FEMA Assistant Administrator David Maurstad. Once the request was received, Maurstad issued WYO Bulletin W-17002, granting an additional 90-day extension for policyholders to submit a complete, signed, and sworn proof of loss for their flood insurance claims caused by the historic, 1,000 year August flood. Louisiana policyholders now have until September 1, 2017 to submit their proofs of loss forms. A victory Pandit feels is well worth the fight. “Insured homeowners just want the money they are owed, and they deserve that” he explains.